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Corporate Responsibility

As a service provider, employer and corporate citizen, York Major is cognizant of corporate responsibility to effectively partner with the community for long-term success.


York Major was established in 1996 and is located in Maple, Ontario. York Major has been illuminating the path from the possible to the feasible to the actual. 

The prime objective of the company is to provide a significant 21st Century development and planning ethos. The challenges of infrastructure, biodiversity, human activity and the pairing of landscape with urbanism, ensures a controllable future. Economic growth springs from choice of – citizens, consumers, entrepreneurs, business executives, industry leaders and governments, to formulate a broad vision of community needs. Our partners foster innovation in preparation of master plans, and feasibility studies offering a vision of future requirements, conceptual plans, construction drawings, in addition to overseeing design and construction. The company facilitates the changes considered most desirable when deciding which lands should be built on, as well as whether they should be used for residential development, industry, or specialized functions such as a shopping center or recreational facility.

Our People

York Major employs experienced and talented professionals who understand property and take an entrepreneurial approach to delivering value to the client. We take great pride developing long-term relationships by delivering the highest standards of ethics, responsible conduct, commitment and expertise. York Majors' employees are carefully recruited for technical skill, experience in the public and private sectors, and ability to work in diverse cultures.

Business Ethics

In every market, sector and location, we provide a counterpoint by introducing tangible connections with cultural engagement. Unwavering business ethics express appreciation of the environment and social implications of property decisions.  York Major provides a fully integrated service; assessment of current conditions, projected growth and demand patterns, identification of site through to product delivery, creating value and providing better opportunities for all to enjoy in their community. Local in execution, we foster partnerships with high quality customers and manage change with deliberate speed. Our reputation is fundamental in giving clients, colleagues, business partners, suppliers, and investors the confidence to explore new opportunities and solutions with York Major.


York Major management of community resources and interactions between people, and their governments, provide better opportunities for the community to enjoy their settings. Special restoration or revitalization projects compose deliberate order to declining districts and stimulate economy within the community.

Strategic planning in modern urban areas creates vision, responsibilities, value and goals. Interactions between people and their governments are vital, as are relations between natural and built environments. Our projects ensure the community needs are properly considered and maximize benefits to the greatest number of people. We take pride in being an exemplary service provider, employer and corporate citizen.


Reducing our corporate impact ensures relations between natural and built environments are protected from adverse circumstances. York Major is a leader in reducing the impact development has on the environment and adds value to the community. We employ the best practices and seek new opportunities to find innovative solutions to environmental challenges. For example Eagles Nest has performed extensive wetland rehabilitation and enhancement of the headwaters of the East Don River Tributary. This tributary originates on our golf course; which has contributed to the long term environmental sustainability of the Don River ecosystem by providing consistent and quality base flows for all flora and fauna, locally and downstream. Eagles Nest Golf Course has incorporated numerous underground infiltration galleries that collect both irrigation and storm water run – off, and by design allows the excess water to infiltrate into the soils to re-charge and enhance the existing ground water table. Eagles Nest Golf Course is using turf grass species that utilize significant reductions in inputs such as, irrigation, pesticides and fertilizers; all collectively contributing to less environmental impact.

Proud of our environmental efforts which extend beyond regulatory compliance.

Practical office based initiatives

  • Power down of idle desktop equipment
  • Phased implementation of LED lighting
  • Biodegradable Green Cricket products
  • Reducing print and paper waste
  • Recycling redundant IT equipment
  • Equipment and lights are turned off at the end of the day
  • Increasing the use of technology to deliver information
  • Filters water cooler systems 

The entire footprint of the golf course turf exhibits numerous environmental qualities and benefits such as, absorption of CO2 gasses, filtration of groundwater and releases enough oxygen on a daily basis to support 500 homes in a small subdivision, not to mention the health and wellness aspects of a recreational sport.

Eagles Nest Golf Course has incorporated a closed loop equipment wash station that re-uses wash water through the use of a water treatment system, thus lowering the requirement of municipal water and reducing the off- site discharge to the sanitary system.

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